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Therapy is an active process in which Dr. Tucker will provide the guidance and support required for you to grow and heal through the pain of grief, loss, or life transition. She will enable you to uncover your own strengths, and enhance your resilience. She will use some CBT and Logotherapy (meaning making) techniques, with a greater focus on the Companioning Model* to facilitate healing and transformation.


Some of the Tenets of the Companioning model of healing therapy include:

^ Being present to another person's pain, being able to go to the 'wilderness of the soul' with another.

^ Honouring the spirit, and listening with the heart; not just analyzing with the head and the intellect.

^ Bearing witness to the struggles of others, not judging or directing the struggles.

^ Walking alongside, and not forcing in one particular direction.

^ Honouring the necessity to sometimes be still, and not frantically moving forward.

^ Respecting the disorder and confusion that sometimes exists, and not imposing order.

^ Approaching all pain and suffering with compassion and being open to learning from the griever.

The journey of grief, loss, and life transition can be painful. This therapeutic approach will facilitate healing and increase resilience through an approach personalised to the specific needs and strengths of each person.

* This list has been adapted from the 11 Tenets of Companioning the bereaved by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, PhD, CT,

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